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Skills for building your own digital empire
You know that 'The Internet' is valuable, beyond the trivial, beyond the trends, cat videos, hyperbole there is a vast universal data base of Information and potential for greatness...

But you need to "know things"...

How to build your own web pages
What are Funnels?
How to communicate with groups of people out there
Social Media Has Changed the world (Brexit, Trump anyone?)
Open Source Software
Many, many skills and abilities.
Where are the best courses, what can you learn, what can you do with all of this vast information and resources?

Open Source
Web Development
Funnel Building
Writing Online
Self Hosted Digital Publication
Guidance, Training, Help, From a 20 year veteran , an IT Engineer/Hacker

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eSkills is all about giving you the crucial skills to learn how to make a living online

Genuine IT & Digital skills

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To help the ‘little  girl/guy’ to survive in the 21st Century, to thrive using open source, and affordable resources. 

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  • Web Development
  • Digital Writing & Communications
  • Social Media